Buying a car on a budget


Deciding on whether or not to get a new car can be a huge decision to make especially when you on a tight budget.  You might be saving up for something special but what do you do when you have a growing family or a problematic car that takes up more of your money and time.  When deciding on the type of car we should get for ourselves or the family, we sometimes get carried away about wanting to drive the nicest and luxurious car forgetting that our tight budget limits us from doing so.

We should always remember to live and spend within our budget to prevent any financial crises.  It will be in your own interest to sit down with a calculator and add up how much a new car will cost bearing in mind the cost of insurance, fuel, servicing and payment of contract. It will be a good idea to spend a bit of your time to research on the internet or even ask friends and family about the best car deals in town.

As we all know fuel and road tax are what make cars expensive to run so as a buyer it is important to consider these factors after considering how much you are willing to spend on a new car. When it comes to road tax the higher a car’s CO2 emissions are, the more it’ll cost you in the first year of road tax.  As for fuel, cars with diesel engines are more costly than cars with petrol engines however diesel engines are more economical to run than petrol engines.  It is up to you whether you are willing to spend more on a diesel engine car and save later or save on a petrol engine car and spend more later.


The cost of servicing the car is another factor to consider when buying a new car; we are often tempted to go to independent garages to service our cars since they save us money. According to car experts it is always advisable to service your car at franchised garages since they know more about your car and how to service it properly however if you decide on an independent garage, make sure they  service your car in line with the manufacturers recommendation, rules and regulations.

Looking for a better insurance for your car can be very costly so do not forget to do your research about how much insurance the car you are about to buy will cost. It is always a good idea to check a price comparison site to look for the best deal.

As money is very hard to come by these days, it is never a bad idea to buy a second hand car which is in good condition but we should not be tempted to buy a nice looking second car which will be expensive to run.

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